That’s our motto.

The approaches may vary but not this belief: great ideas build great brands.
Powerful, meaningful, iconic brands. It’s a never-ending process. Inventing, re-inventing and constantly pushing the boundaries.

‘Innovation is our lifeblood, stagnation is our death knell’  David Ogilvy used to say.
So we try.

Ogilvy has been the top global creative network since 2012. We were the first French agency to win in every new Cannes Lions category since 2012 - brand content, mobile, innovation, creative data. We harvested 18 Lions and a Grand Prix to take the top French agency crown in 2013. In 2015, we won 12 Lions in Cannes and were the only French agency awarded with a Euro Effie. And it goes on.

How did we accomplish this? It’s simple. Integration runs in our blood, digital and social are the air we breathe, and pervasive creativity churns in our core.

Our mission is to offer our clients the new creative solutions that will make their brands shine in a permanently evolving globalized environment.
To this end Ogilvy & Mather Paris combines the agility and the proximity of a boutique agency that is rooted in the French culture with the power of an award-winning international network.
At Ogilvy & Mather Paris, cultures, talents and expertise are integrated to create strong, innovative and unexpected creative solutions.
This creativity inspires and delights through communication channels to build not only the speeches but above all the brands’ actions and the commitments to act on the basis of strong believes restoring meaning and importance to the consumers.

Our society is a world of observation and measure,built on a binary language
with numbers and data. At OgilvyOne we do not see it as an obstacle: 
it’s the discovery of a new world, one in which every step is a new idea.
We combine data with creativity, for big ideas that deliver big results.
Because big ideas and data can create a unique blend:
they’re the opportunity to create a personal experience, to unlock
the gates of healthy customer relationships, to follow
a new vision of engagement with them. It’s not about numbers
and transactions, it’s about experiences, rewards and actions,
seeing our clients for their total value.
All to fulfill one goal: unrivaled customer engagement.

Neo is the consulting agency specialized in strategy consulting and the purchase
of multimedia advertising space within the Ogilvy Group. The Neo@Ogilvy network
consists of 43 agencies and 4 expert communities across the world specializing in Search,
Analytics, Trading and Social. After London, Paris is the 2nd most important hub.
Our mission is to deliver high-level strategic consultancy in planning and implementation of
effective and innovative strategies. We optimize media investments to guarantee
purchase transparency, mainly through programmatic and technical services.
As experts in Digital and Analytics, Neo develops dynamic ON and OFF media planning,
based on the values of prospective and existing clients, perfectly mastering R.O.I
​by connecting Brand, Social and Performance Marketing.
Neo is an independent agency, free to work with advertisers
outside the Ogilvy and WPP groups. Neo sits on UDECAM’s board.

The world’s largest and most international brand activation agency. Our mission is to drive conversion, action and purchase through award-winning programs that change behaviour and inspire people to buy well. Our business is transforming brand equity into action.


We live in a digital world in which public opinion is defined by ever-growing, headstrong communities. And the hardest part ? Forging trust between the opinionatedworld and a product, a company or a leader’s commitment.
A simple PR idea will notsucceed on its own, regardless of its creative genius. 
The idea requires a specializedsupport network to nurture and propel it towards the target audience.At Ogilvy PR, wemerge this mentality with creativity. We bring in journalists, opinion leaders, decisionmakers, industry experts, bloggers and our own employees to build these networks. We take our clients by the hand, sharing our thoughts and creating new ones, to bolster the trust we need for our PR plans to come to life.

In a world of constant challenges and health concerns at Ogilvy CommonHealth
we have a distinctive spirit: we insist on action to overcome constraints,
reducing restrictions and regulations to help you move forward.
We design services for our clients that respond to a simple idea:
foster global integration based on your research, whether it is based on care,
insight, brand vision or strategic consulting. We ensure that our work
is seamless, creating a connection between the brands we represent
and our unique insights. We greet technology as the fuel for positive evolution,
medicine as the driving force to change the world, and communication
as the support for effective performance.

Brand value today make up for 18% of corporate value in average. Brands are strong competitive assets and also a way of helping corporates transform themselves in a changing world where businesses are confronted with numerous challenges: increasing influence of digital, new business models

OgilvyRED Conseil is Ogilvy Paris’ creative brand consultancy. Our goal is to help our clients grow by giving life to their corporate strategy through their brand strategy. Our specificity is to combine strategy and innovation in an approach that is

COLLABORATIVE : we take into account all relevant corporate roles (CEO, marketing, finance, HR, sales, operations)
PRAGMATIC : (we take a « test & learn » approach in what we do to make sure our solutions are evolutive, simple and easy to appropriate at all levels)
OPEN SOURCE : we have resort to the best resources to better solve our clients’ issues (data, social or design experts)
INTERNATIONAL : in an open world where borders no longer exist, we are international by nature in the way we deal with our clients’ requests

Down the global road of ordinary, we drive fueled by a belief in craft and quality:
H&O is today’s most sophisticated solution for global adaptation
and execution. We are distinguished by our ability to go beyond conventions,
making excellence the core of our work. We are a hybrid of creative talents
and production experts, always delivering ideas across all-media with
always one intention: ​ensure our clients’ outreach is productive and meaningful.
Our vision is based on expertise : to infuse the utmost efficiency
into every discipline, to shape perfection into design.